Designer Phone Cases – Typography Designs by Independent Artists

Designer phone cases are a thing! Depending on your location, you'll most likely find a better range online.

I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone8 which so far I’m really happy with. Knowing my luck, if I don’t get a case for it soon, i’ll end up dropping it and cracking the screen like so many of my friends have done.

I had a look around the local shops but all of the cases seem to be pretty plain, either just flat colours or have some type of generic pattern.

As you can imagine, typography is a must in my day to day life so I am in search of a new phone case to fulfil my deep lettering needs whilst supporting artists around the world.

I have searched around on some of the major players in print on demand marketplaces. Enjoy!

Get Shit Done by Minety Designer Phone Cases by Minety | Typeyeah
So many book so little time by Risa Rodil So many book so little time phone case by Risa Rodil | Typeyeah
Nevertheless she persisted by Kimberlyfayereads Lettering Phone Cases by Kimberlyfayereads | Typeyeah
Sea Sand Waves by Kristen Laczi Sea Sand Waves Lettering Phone Case | Typeyeah
Skills pay the bills by Motivational Skills pay the bills phone case by Motivational | Typeyeah
Trouble Maker by Koning Troublemaker phone case | Typeyeah
Meow Meow Meow by Lana Cat phone cases by Lana | Typeyeah
Love by Nickmisani Love lettering phone cases by Nickmisani | Typeyeah
Adventure is worthwhile by Anthony Troester Adventure phone cases by Anthony Troester | Typeyeah
Long Live Traveler by Skitchism Long Live Traveler phone case | Typeyeah
Stay Curious by Cat Coquillette Stay Curious phone case by Cat Coquillette | Typeyeah
Sink or Swim by Wesley Bird Sink or Swim phone case by Wesley Bird | Typeyeah
Bullshit by roberlanart Bullshit phone case | Typeyeah
Tacky by roberlanart Tacky lettering phone case by roberlanart | Typeyeah
Makes your brain young again by rogerdot Makes your brain young again phone case by rogerdot | Typeyeah
Let's maker better mistakes tomorrow by risarodil Lets make better mistakes tomorrow phone case by risarodil | Typeyeah
Respect the old beard he knows more than you by BeardyGraphics Respect the old beard he knows more than you phone case | Typeyeah
I cant even adult today by happinessinatee Cant even adult today phone case by happinessinatee | Typeyeah
Wake the fuck up by lilith230 Wake the fuck up phone case by lilith230 | Typeyeah

Designer phone cases by independent artists

Most if not all of the above designs from independent artists are available as smartphone cases and smartphone skins for a variety of smartphones including the new iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4. Best to check the individual designs you like for exact availability. Which are your favourite designer phone cases? Let us know in the comments, and I will keep you all updated on the design I decide to go with!

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