New hand lettering/typography t-shirts available

Busy but good times!

I hope you are doing super well! I wanted to give everyone a quick update of what’s been happening lately. I’ve been super busy with the day job, but in other news I am excited that I have just been accepted into Merch by Amazon.

So all of my US based friends are now able to purchase some cool hand lettering/typography based designed t-shirts from Amazon. As I am only new (tier 10) once I tier up there will be a lot more variety. This is where I will be spending my design time so I can constantly learn new techniques.

I look forward to sharing more with you, enjoy!

Click on the links below for more info.

Typeyeah Hand Lettering & Typography Community tshirtTypeyeah Badge Design Typographic Hand Lettering T-shirt Design

Typeyeah World Class Lettering T-ShirtWorld Class Script Hand Lettering T-Shirt Design

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