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Who is your target audience? Young, old, traditional, stay-at-home mums, corporates... who are they? Include age, gender, education level, demographics, etc. Try to visualize them in your mind as individuals with needs. Please provide a brief description of your primary and secondary target audiences.
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If you already have something in mind, we want to make sure to take it into consideration so all of your expectations will be met. Please remember to focus on how YOUR TARGET audience thinks, and less about your personal preferences, as they may have little to do with creating an effective logo and brand for your business. It’s ALWAYS all about your customer.
(e.g. clean, corporate, technical, humorous, serious, masculine, classic, elegant, colorful, etc). The preference in style that you specify will be what we work with when assessing what visual direction to explore.
Please specify any colors or imagery that you believe will resonate well with your target audience. This is not your personal favorite colors, this is what your audience will best respond to.
The goals of Brand Strategy are to develop a concise and cohesive brand strategy document that encapsulates your brand’s core Promise, Position, and Personality to attract your ideal client(s). Both established businesses and start ups alike benefit from this Strategic exercise. Let us know if you’d be interested in this Brand Strategy service, and we will include it as an optional add-on to the estimate.
A follow up to the Strategy phase is a Online Social Media Marketing Plan, to execute the Brand Strategy. We suggest first committing to an Online Marketing Plan using Paid Advertising, before engaging offline Print campaigns, which can be exponentially more expensive. Let us know if you’d be interested in this Marketing service, and we will include it as an optional add-on to the estimate.
If we did not address everything, please take this opportunity to list out what your needs are in totality: e.g. Website Design, Print Collateral, Packaging Design, Online Advertising, Social Media Strategy, etc.