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MAS Challenge

The MAS Challenge is a nomination based 3-step dare. Step 1 is where creatives are encouraged to do at least 3 hours of physical exercise during a week. It can be anything from rock-climbing to tennis or even surfing. The choice is yours, the important thing is that you leave your creative bubble and go out there and move your ass. Step 2 is creating a piece of artwork reflecting your week of activity. Did you see a bear on your mountain hike? Did you sprain your ankle playing football? Did you set a new record for push-ups? Tell us your story. Step 3 – share your experience with us, tag us with @makers.athletic.society, use the hashtag #MASChallenge and nominate three other creatives to do the same. Together we will create a movement.

Because Makers Athletic Society is for the makers, thinkers, & creators

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